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About Us

About Us ADDI-A Adderall Style Nootropic Brain Booster Focus Energy Supplement B-ZEN Stress Relief Anxiety Relief Supplement Cortisol Manager Adrenal SupportCognito Naturals® Mission:

Our mission at Cognito Naturals® is to offer the highest quality all natural supplements to help our amazing customers be their very best.

About Our Products:

Our products use only the safest all natural ingredients - each ingredient is sourced with the utmost purity and efficacy, so you know you're making the smart choice.

Cognito Naturals® is proudly made in the USA from the highest quality all natural ingredients in an FDA registered facility with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification.

About ADDI-A:

Cognito Naturals® launched it's first product, ADDI-A™, in 2019. The inspiration for this product was to offer college students & professions a 100% all natural supplement to help boost cognitive performance. With so many people turning to "study drugs" to gain an edge in the classroom or workplace, we wanted to provide a healthy, natural option for these individuals. It must be noted that ADDI-A™ is not meant for individuals that require a prescription to treat a diagnosed attention deficit (hyperactive) disorder. We simply want to offer people that are trying to gain an edge a natural option when it comes to boosting cognitive performance. If this is you, give our nootropic brain booster ADDI-A™ a try today!

About B-ZEN:

Let's be honest, in today's world, who isn't stressed and/or feeling anxious? We knew there was a need for an effective, natural stress & anxiety relief product, an thus, B-ZEN™ was born. B-ZEN™ combines the five best best all natural calming ingredients: 500mg of KSM-66® (Organic Ashwagandha), 300mg Lemon Balm, 200mg GABA, 200mg L-Theanine & 200mg Rhodiola Rosea to create a superior natural supplement so that you can feel calm and relaxed no matter what life throws your way. Our natural calming formula that helps reduce stress & helps manage anxiety is perfectly balanced, containing an even amount of both adaptogens and anxiolytics; optimal for adrenal support & as a cortisol manager. Be calm, be relaxed, B-ZEN™.

Coming Summer 2021: SLEE-P™